General Dentistry in Patterson, CA

Composite (White) Fillings

A composite filling is a tooth-colored or white restoration that our Patterson, CA dentist will use to restore teeth with minor decay, cracks, or fractures. The composite resin used to repair the tooth will be closely matched to the color of your existing tooth in order to provide the most functional and aesthetically-pleasing results possible. During your visit to our office, our dentist will remove the compromised portion of the tooth, thoroughly clean the tooth, and then place your tooth-colored filling. If you are interested in learning more about white fillings or general dentistry, we invite you to call our office soon.

Digital X-rays

To help us prevent any potential problems and detect any present tooth decay, gum disease, or oral abnormalities, we utilize digital radiography or digital X-rays. Digital radiography is an effective, safe tool that emits 80-90% less radiation than traditional X-ray film. We have the ability to view the digital X-rays instantly, which means that we can detect any problems and begin your treatment faster than ever before. For more information on digital X-rays or any of the technology we use, please call our Patterson, CA dental practice soon.

Implant Dentistry

One of the most effective treatments for replacing missing teeth is the dental implant. Dental implants can be used to replace one or all missing teeth. They will replace both the root of the tooth and the tooth’s crown, effectively restoring the strength, function, and beauty of your smile. Through a series of appointments at our Patterson, CA dental practice over the course of several months, our dentist, Dr. Klein, will place both the titanium dental implant and the implant restoration (crown). Once complete, your implant will give you the beautiful, functional smile that you’ve always wanted. For more information on implant dentistry, please call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Klein today. We look forward to taking care of your smile!

Pediatric Dentistry

We are proud to provide exceptional dental care to the youngest members of the Patterson and Newman communities. Pediatric dentistry is all about teaching your children effective preventive techniques to ensure lifelong oral health. Our friendly, caring team will make your children feel at home at the dentist’s office so that they will continue to visit the dentist without fear throughout their lives. If you are looking for a dentist who will take care of your children’s oral health needs, please call Dr. Klein’s office today.

Root Canals

A root canal becomes necessary when the inner nerve or pulp of a tooth becomes significantly affected by infection or decay. Root canals usually require just one or two appointments at our Patterson, CA dental practice. Following the root canal, our dentist will place a custom dental crown to protect the tooth from further damage and decay. If you are interested in learning more about root canals or restorative dentistry, we invite you to give our office a call soon.